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— Branding, Packaging, Web Design

Petal & Leaf Holistic Aromatics is a natural line of perfumes formulated by french perfumers, each natural scent beautifully and carefully crafted. Inspired by the line, we created an identity and packaging to reflect the organic nature and intricacies of the product.

  • Amber & Elemi
  • R180 G95 B59
  • C22 M71 Y88 K10
  • #B45F3B
  • Rose & Ambrette
  • R213 G159 B166
  • C15 M41 Y23 K0
  • #D59FA6
  • Orange Blossom & Jasmine
  • R233 G181 B68
  • C8 M28 Y92 K0
  • #E9B544
  • Bergamot & Vanilla
  • R232 G213 B62
  • C11 M8 Y95 K0
  • #E8D53E
  • Ylang & Sandalwood
  • R137 G120 B188
  • C50 M58 Y0 K0
  • #8978BC
  • Lavender & Mandarin
  • R206 G215 B237
  • C17 M11 Y0 K0
  • #CED7ED
  • Narcissus & Neroli
  • R201 G20 B81
  • C25 M4 Y90 K0
  • #C9D251
  • Dark Green
  • R141 G143 B84
  • C46 M32 Y82 K8
  • #8D8F54


The accent colours themselves were developed based on the ingredients in the perfumes themselves and the subtle colours of the bottled liquid.

Since this design was always intended to be letterpress printed, the colors were chosen in order to be cost efficient.

The main colour (dark green) is used for elements that are repeated, such as the logo and product information. All of the boxes were first printed in green, and then each were followed up with a print of their custom accent colour for the particular perfume scent.


For the logo, we wanted to use a classic floral as well as a classic, timeless font, and created this vintage engraving which envelops the wordmark. This design allowed us to create a vertical version for the narrow small boxes the perfumes are packaged in, as well as a horizontal version for more common applications (web, stationery, etc).

v1 — Full Texture
v2 — Half Texture
v3 — Horizontal

The printing method also brought a unique challenge, our original highly detailed engraving translated very heavy when printed with ink on the letterpress. We tested a number of logos and cleaned up the floral until we reached the ideal visual texture for printing.

a. Letterpress printed boxes
Petal & Leaf was created with one goal in mind. To offer an authentically natural perfume line, artfully constructed with the highest quality plant based materials, complete ingredient transparency and a price point that makes it within reach.
— Lara Claassen, Creator

b. Patterned box tops

  • Client:
  • Petal & Leaf, Lara Claassen
  • Creative Direction:
  • Aprile Elcich
  • Web Design & Dev:
  • Aprile Elcich